Water Law

The pressures on UK rivers, lakes, lochs and coastal waters are increasing year-on-year. Using the law is likely to become increasingly important for all those with an interest in protecting the aquatic environment.

It is an immense task to understand the complex legal framework applicable to rivers, lakes, lochs and the sea. The Water Framework Directive, the Habitats Directive, what now happens post-Brexit, the water industry periodic review process, control of diffuse and agricultural pollution and the day-to-day regulation of the water industry are just a few of the bigger challenges.

Gained over the last 30 years, Guy Linley-Adams has a detailed knowledge of water law, controlling pollution of rivers and coastal waters, aquatic nature conservation, access and the management of water resources across the whole of the UK.

Guy has advised NGO clients both north and south of the border and has taken key judicial review challenges to courts in London and Edinburgh to protect the aquatic environment.

Contact Guy on guy@linley-adams.co.uk or on 07837 881219.