Fisheries Law

Fisheries law is a complex mix of both modern and old statutory regulation and long-standing common law principles.

Fishery owners, angling clubs and syndicates need expert legal guidance to make the most of the law to protect their fishing and the habitats in which fish can thrive and to ensure that all government regulators, across all parts of the UK, take their duties towards fisheries seriously.

Whether bringing claims for damages – through the Courts if necessary – after a wild fishery is harmed by pollution, over-abstraction or aquaculture, or defending a fishery against inappropriate development both in-river and on the banks, or seeking judicial review of inadequate or harmful decisions by Government or regulators, Guy Linley-Adams has a track record of winning cases and defending angling against all-comers.

Guy has acted as legal advisor to the Wye and Usk Foundation and has been engaged by Salmon & Trout Conservation to advise on legal matters and campaigning relating to the impacts of Scottish salmon farming on wild salmon and sea-trout, as well as the damage caused to English salmonid rivers by over-abstraction, diffuse pollution and pesticides.

Guy has advised owners of fishing rights in England and Wales in relation to water abstraction, access disputes, pollution problems and in-river / bankside works in riverine Sites of Special Scientific Interest. Guy has also advised a number of District Salmon Fishery Boards with respect to the UK’s obligations under the Habitats and Environmental Impact Assessment Directives and successfully secured a complete ban in 2016 on coastal netting for salmon in Scotland.

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