Freedom of Information


Using the Aarhus Convention, the EC Directive on Public Access to Environmental Information and the UK Regulations, both English and Scottish, to extract information about pollution, environmental controls, licensing, enforcement, assessment of environmental impacts and regulatory decision-making, is an essential preparation for any environmental campaign or legal case.

Having access to ‘official’ information and correspondence between, for example, regulators and developers, can make the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful case and is the essential ‘fuel’ for environmental campaigns.

Guy Linley-Adams is well versed in applying the law and defeating the various exceptions public authorities and others seek to apply to avoid disclosure. He has a successful track record of extracting information on the environment from a wide range of Government departments, agencies, regulators and privatised utilities across the UK, often information they would rather were not disclosed.

Guy also runs training courses for NGOs and others needing instruction on how to use the legal right of access to environmental information to best effect.

Contact Guy on or on 07837 881219.

The links below are to Decisions of both the UK and Scottish Information Commissioners secured by Guy Linley-Adams in recent years: